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Zoho CLI npm error console

I’m trying to install this package, fails and send me directly to report it
npm install cb() never call back.

npm install -g zoho-extension-toolkit .

error This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:

(Reports to #bugs should use the template which includes extra information like the npm version you are running and platform you are on. Reports to #support are more freeform and I’ll move your issue there.)

The “cb()” error is not the underlying problem and there should be another error reported before that? But I noticed a possible problem with your command.

I didn’t get any errors when I ran this in an empty folder:

npm init -y
npm install zoho-extension-toolkit

If you ran

npm install -g zoho-extension-toolkit .

with the trailing dot then npm was trying to install the current package and zoho-extension-toolkit as two global packages. That was probably not what you intended.

Thanks for moving my post to #support.

The thing is that after install zoho-extension suppose to have “zet” command but nothing is happend. So i do not know if there is a problem with their implementation or something wrong in my node installation.

npm install -g zoho-extension-toolkit
$ zet // Help information about 'zet' command will be shown

The zet command is added when I try those steps. Suggestions:

  1. A quick thing to try is opening a new shell window and trying zet again, in case your shell was slow to notice the command had been added. Not likely, but quick and easy to check!

  2. Assuming you are on Mac or Linux…

Where is npm installing your global packages?

npm prefix --global

Is the bin folder from that location in your PATH, which is how commands are found?

echo $PATH