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You do not have permission to publish "mobx-react-scripts".

What I Wanted to Do

I wanted to publish a npm package

What Happened Instead

I got an error oupput

You do not have permission to publish “mobx-react-scripts”.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Publish a package.
  2. Add another user as the admin of this package.
  3. The other user try to publish the same package.


  1. I had already logged in with the correct user name with multiple times of checking
  2. I had already changed my registry to the official one.

Platform Info

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
MacOS 10.13.6

$ npm --versions

$ node -p process.platform

Current access status:

$ npm access ls-collaborators
  "cuibin": "read-write",
  "johnsmith0209": "read-write"

Cuibin is the original owner, And my account was add in the package maintainer list

Then Cuibin executed the following script

$ npm owner add johnsmith0209 mobx-react-scripts
+ johnsmith0209 (mobx-react-scripts)

$ npm owner ls mobx-react-scripts
cuibin <>

As shown above, after added my account as the owner, the ls command showed there was still only one owner: Cuibin, so there must be something wrong with the procedures we had taken

You should email about this. Looks like there’s some permissions delays