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Why was my question flagged?

I’m just wondering what the rational was for flagging my question here -> Why is npm used for client-side code?

Discourse flagged it because you are a new user and your first post contained multiple links. I changed the visibility of your question to public.

Thank you (post must be at least 20 characters).

Looks like it hid my comments too. …Can you just delete all of my posts and comments? I’d rather not participate on this site because I don’t like having zero control over my posts especially when they are auto-hidden.

also, it added the links, not me. I just typed text and it decided that ASP . NET should be a hyperlink and gave me no apparent way to change that.

Many forums does that by default, it’s spam prevention. Once you participate just a little bit, the spam filter will be way less strict.

If you type any text that is a link and it will auto-link: it’s also a feature on most forums. To be clear, we aren’t using on our tools, Discourse is our forum service. Sorry about the trouble, but there is no way for the app to know that you were typing the name of a technology and not a link (it’s also a website).

Outside of being able to flag your post yourself as spam or not, which would defeat spam protection goal, which type of control are you missing? Note that I made your comment visible as mentioned in the other thread, and that it shouldn’t be an issue anymore since you are not a new user anymore. You can read more about the users trust levels.

Hope that answer your questions.