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Why did you move my topic from #bugs?

The moderators and npm staff may move your topic to where we think it is does the most good. It does not mean it is not valued!

The ideal topic in #bugs describes something in a standard way which a developer could use to start looking into improving code. There is a template to ask the key questions. (See also About the Bugs category)

So why would we move your topic? With the best of intentions, and please don’t get upset!

  1. If you did not follow the bug template, your topic may get moved to #support. The template is shown when you set the category to #bugs before editing. If you change the category later you miss out on the template, but don’t feel bad for not following it, and you’ll hopefully still get some replies! If you want to, you could copy the template and edit your post to follow the required format.

  2. If we think you may not understand how npm is intended to work, or might have a setup problem rather than npm behaving wrong, we may move your topic to #support to discuss/explain.

  3. If we think npm is working as intended but the documentation did not provide the right information, we may move your topic to #support:docs-needed

  4. If we think npm is working as intended but you believe it should work differently, we may move your topic to #ideas to discuss and get votes and feedback from other users. You may disagree with the behaviour, and you may be right, but a developer can not safely jump onto making the changes as it is working as originally intended.

Lastly, if you won’t be satisfied unless your topic is under #bugs, we don’t want to argue with you! Just ask nicely and show some respect for the conventions of the forum and the experience of the people you are disregarding. e.g. “Thank you, but I really want this topic under #bugs”.