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when using: npm i bunion --no-cache I get a folder called "false" in the dir

Here are the steps:

mkdir test
cd test
mkdir node_modules
npm i bunion --no-cache

so we then have 3 things in the dir:


so what is the dir “false” doing in there?

npm put that dir named “false” there so that’s weird isn’t it.
I am on npm version 6.10.2.

Reproduced with npm 6.11.2:

mkdir test
cd test
npm init -y
npm i commander --no-cache

However, I found this older issue which implies this may not be supported for install, and that installs without cache would be a new feature: npm i --no-cache caches in a false folder of cwd

Specifying --no-anything sets the anything configuration setting to false.

$ npm config list --no-anything | grep anything
anything = false

However, the cache configuration setting expects a path:

So the behaviour is surprising and not useful, but is somewhat self-consistent!