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when I use `npm outdated --long` , I get error

What I Wanted to Do

when I run npm outdated --long , I get error

Reproduction Steps

run npm outdated --long



Platform Info

$ npm --versions
npm 6.5.0
$ node -p process.platform


The error because npm depending on text-table and my npm package don’t have homepage property.
when I run npm outdated --long, the homepage get undefined. If use text-table show info, it will throw error.
text-table have bug.

You can get more info in

I create a pull request to text-table.

please keep a watchful eye on latest verison of text-table. Finally, fix the bug.

Should be fixed in v6.6.0 (see PR).

I get the same error if i do a npm outdated -g
is it fixed for the --long?

> npm --version
> node -p process.platform

That’s a different issue, should be fixed in v6.9.1 (can be checked with v6.9.1-next.0, see PR).