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when i am following the steps required for pdf table extractor. i found this error in step no 4

(You might get an answer here, but because this forum is focused on npm, you might want to ask your question somewhere that targets experts with your package. I have moved your topic to #community:javascript)

It would be helpful to include a link to a web page with the steps you are following.

There is no such file make.js in the current directory.

Yes but i take this complete code from from the github provided by this platform, so can you help

Please provide a link to the GitHub URL of the project with which you are facing problems.

If you mean, this is outdated. Alse see the build directory.

Yes i mean this link. Do you have an update?

i need the same functionality which is in this link can you help me in this, i am new to the node, Pleas.
The link has live demo, i need similarly functionality.

Please see and for the current instructions.

Or simply checkout an older release of pdf.js
So after cd pdf.js, do git checkout v1.8.188 and then the other commands should work too.