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What are your favourite npm packages?

It is! After @pixiekitten comment, I tried Hyper, and I officially switched to this terminal!

When you navigate to the npm website or use the cli to search for a solution to your problem, you have access to nearly 900K packages, which is amazing. Obviously, nobody uses that many, but I think that the power of being able to find what you need, when you need it, is of great help in our day-to-day job.

Long story short, I’m always looking to learn about interesting packages, and maybe even feature some of them in our npm Weekly newsletter. So here is my ask: what are your favourite ones? I want you to think out of the box to find some gems (no Ruby pun intended) out there…

Surprise me!

Great choices, thanks for sharing @aleclarson!

I used to work with the author of feathers! I was also a very early user! I’m so glad to see it getting more attention.

My all time favorites in no particular order are:

There are probably many more, but hopefully there’s something interesting here ^.

(Could only put 5 links in the post, so linked the least known packages)

This is life changing~! :heart_eyes:

It’s been so long since I’ve messed with my hyper setup that this has inspired me to dig through all the hyper themes and customizations on npm.

Just a few of my recent favorites:

hyper-aww - because cats

My co-worker and I recently open sourced The API has become pretty stable now.

It generates releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests. So merging a pull request can kick off a release that includes:

And the changelogs it is capable of making are preeeeety good looking (thanks lerna for the inspo) and very configurable.

Here is the docs website:

Other features:

Notable tech used:

My TOP 3:

One of my favorites is probably $ npx fattest-cat. It does what you’d think:

This thread is brilliant. I have a repo with all my go-to libs here

Great idea, I like it, thanks for doing that @gnumanth!

That looks like a great tool, I’ll give it a closer look. Thanks for sharing with us @hipstersmoothie

I didn’t know typestyle, I will give it a closer look. Thanks for sharing your list @aleclarson!

These are great ones. Especially semantic-release, jest, and prettier. :innocent:

A couple others:

That is a good list. I gave myself permission to add the links to those, and you are right, there are many amazing packages out there!

Thanks a lot for sharing those: I need to check some of them I don’t know!

It’s a limitation since you are a new user: once you reach the trust level 1, you won’t have that limitation. In the meantime, I gave myself the right to add links to missing one: I hope it’s fine with you.

pnpm is great! And the devs are great folks. They’ve been a huge inspiration for modern npm and I’m sure they’ll continue that tradition going forward. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Thanks for the suggestion @VitorLuizC, I didn’t know bili!

Is there any other valuable reason!?

On another note, I didn’t know Hyper: I will definitely try it (no, not just because I can have cute cats in my background… or maybe).

Thanks for the suggestions @carnesen. I was working at Microsoft at the time when we announced TypeScript and I liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure that the web community would jump in the wagon. You know, Microsoft wasn’t the most loved company at that time! Funny enough, I was doing Open Source, Open Data and interoperability at that time (for those of you who may be surprised I’m now at npm…).

You know what they say about people starting brilliant thread? :rofl:

That is a great list, I need to check a closer look to some of them. Thanks for sharing this repo with us @zander .

P.S.: you should add your repo to the “official” awesome list of repos, to share with more amazing people!

~5 years ago I started with an idea of collecting node modules which are really good but not yet there in the lime light yet. [Weekly Mailer]

So far I haven’t missed a week!

Feel free to subscribe or suggest :slight_smile:

You got me at :cat: !