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Weird bug with npm and nuxt.js

Hello, please just take a look here, seems to be npm issue, because it works fine with yarn:

Wow Nuxt is cool! :sunglasses: I see you’ve added steps to reproduce the issue in the linked GH issue but I don’t see the env details. Could you drop in your npm --version && node --version into the issue. I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the Node LTS too. Many thanks! :pray:t2:

Having same issue with kUbuntu 19.04:

$ node -v
$ npm -v

Version info:

OS: Windows 10
NPM: 6.12.0
NODE: nv12.6.0

The behaviour changing with install order sounds like a dependency problem where you get different versions of a package being used depending on whether a different but semver compatible version has already been installed. Comparing the package-lock.json can be a big overwhelming, but another option is using the npm ls command. This is also very convenient once you narrow down the package of interest for investigating what versions have been installed and how.


npm ls
npm ls enhanced-resolve