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website keyword search broken for keywords with spaces

What I Wanted to Do

Click (search for the keyword “es-shim API”) and get a list of all packages that have it, like I used to be able to (so can dynamically link to all packages using the keyword)

What Happened Instead

0 packages found.

Reproduction Steps


Since I can publish packages with keywords that have spaces, and since used to allow searching for them, I expect to be able to do so now.

Platform Info


This is a duplicate of npmjs search is completely broken and does not find many packages and others. Keep an eye on the incident report to find out as soon as it get fixed. You can use in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and my mistake - I assumed it was a specific regression as opposed to a wider outage.

The incident has been resolved, so this works again. Cheers!

This particular search (with a space) seems to still be broken - it returns 0 results (it should return 29, per

Oh. You have to use ". Which is reasonable enough. The rest is updating the website so links to keyword searches with spaces get "-wrapped

Gotcha, I can use that as a workaround, although that’s still an unfortunate regression, since it used to work.

Actually the original link I have is - which seems to redirect without the quotes wrapping.

Is that something that could be fixed on npm’s side? That way the quotes would only be needed in the query string version.