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Website: 404 when following email address verification link


What I Wanted to Do

Sign up for an account on and verify my email address from my phone

What Happened Instead

I just created an account and was sent an email asking me to verify my email address. It contains the link . I tried following the link on my phone but repeatedly got 404 errors (with the cute wombat). I then tried opening it on my laptop and to my surprise it worked.

Reproduction Steps


Trying to open the link again (after the successful validation) on my laptop yields the same 404 error I got on my phone.

Platform Info

Phone: Google Pixel 1: Gmail, Chrome
Laptop: Mac: Firefox Developer Edition

I’m experiencing the same issue. Can’t verify my email for a newly created account even after re-sending a confirmation email. Tried it on Android device and on laptop either. Always 404 and that wombat

Same here. Just created an account on a desktop to publish a package, and any verification link from my email just redirects me to the 404 wombat.

Update: Opening the email in gmail on the desktop worked, but not from my phone.

Hi all,

I experience the same issue with the verif link on Outlook.
The URL is very clear and it’s the same as the URL text.
I don’t know where is the problem. Either it is an issue in the URL generation or it’s a Web Server issue…

Hi there,

I have the same problem. I just sign up this forum to confirm the problem.

Hope there will be solution in 2-3 days instead of privately email to npmjs support.

For others who has same problem.
I email npm support, they activate for me.

I experience the same issue with the verif link on 163 email.

I talked and debugged this before. Its due to and if you have live preview links on by default. Outlook will check the link which will deactivate the verification link

@RobertJGabriel That doesn’t explain what happened to me. I wasn’t using Outlook, and I was eventually able to verify.

Remember to vote for the bug, everyone.

Same here. Using gmail :frowning:

Still happening now, I wasn’t able to verify my account on the day I registered. So I just resent the verification email, but still didn’t work, it was showing 404. Hope this could be fix right away. I can’t publish any packages with this problem.

Having the same issue. Sent an email to @SupportTech yesterday but have not heard anything back yet. Really wanted to publish a package for work but I guess that’s not happening anytime soon by the looks of this thread…

Having exactly the same issue. I got the site to re-send the activation email but got a second email with the same problems as the first.

I’m using Gmail on a Mac.

I note that other people eventually had success, so I might wait some hours or a day, try again, and report back with success or failure.

No luck seven hours later… but I then got it to work by cutting and pasting the result URL into the browser where I was logged in to NPM.

I had the same problem just now, but solved it by using the same browser to verify my account as the one I used to create the account. I created my account in Chrome, but received the verification email in Gmail in Firefox. If I tried to validate in Firefox, I got the 404 wombat error, regardless of whether I followed the link from Gmail or copied/pasted the URL. The solution was to copy and paste the URL into a new tab in Chrome. Maybe that suggests there are browser cookies involved in the verification process???