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we need a new devPackageDependencies field in package.json

we need a new devPackageDependencies field in package.json

this field only for who wanna dev this package (like: owner, or dev team)

mean only install when npm install in this package

because there has many useless deps in devDependencies when we are use this pkg in other package

for example, build system is no need, when we install this package in other package

we should move build system to devPackageDependencies

I do not understand your suggestion. I think devDependencies work the way you suggest already, at least for npm packages?

Suppose I have a package A with a huge number of devDependencies. In package B I type:

npm install A

The devDependencies for A are not installed.

I have to agree with John here, to me this sounds more like a misunderstanding of how NPM handles the devDependencies key…

@bluelovers, perhaps it would help if you created a test project to showcase the problem you’re trying to solve?

That’s what devDependencies is for as @shadowspawn pointed out.

I recommend you to have a look at what type of dependencies a package.json can have.