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Warning for peerDependencies is still thrown while installation even if it is set to optional in `peerDependenciesMeta`

What I Wanted to Do

Recently peerDependenciesMeta was added in npm v6.11.0. when a package is set to optional in peerDependenciesMeta . it is expected not to throw any warnings while installation.

What Happened Instead

npm throws warning even for optional peerDependencies

Reproduction Steps

sass-loader has implemented peerDependenciesMeta in v8.0.0 but still warnings are throws for optional peerDependencies.

npm i sass-loader -D

Platform Info

$ npm --versions

  "demo": "1.0.0",
  "npm": "6.11.3",
  "ares": "1.15.0",
  "brotli": "1.0.7",
  "cldr": "35.1",
  "http_parser": "2.8.0",
  "icu": "64.2",
  "modules": "64",
  "napi": "4",
  "nghttp2": "1.34.0",
  "node": "10.16.2",
  "openssl": "1.1.1c",
  "tz": "2019a",
  "unicode": "12.1",
  "uv": "1.28.0",
  "v8": "",
  "zlib": "1.2.11"

$ node -p process.platform

It looks like there is work in fight which might fix this, see discussion on end of

Thanks for the update. @shadowspawn.