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vk-chat-bot - :robot: :speech_balloon: Create VK community chat bots easily

Hey there! :wave:

I want to show you my project, vk-chat-bot :npm:, which makes creating chat bots for VK communities simple and easy. Instead of building your bot to interact with Callback API and the VK API manually, you just:

:one: - :busts_in_silhouette: configure your community

:two: - :memo: give vk-chat-bot the necessary information to work

:three: - :js: setup the behavior

:four: - :arrow_forward: launch the bot

The tutorial covers all the necessary setup to get an example bot :up: and :arrow_forward: in Heroku, from which point you can modify it to suit your needs, if you don’t like starting from scratch :wink:.

While being simple, it still has a lot of features for defining the bot’s behavior explained in the documentation.

If you have any issues with vk-chat-bot, please report them here :slight_smile:.