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[Video]Understanding NPM - Node.js Package Manager

Understanding NPM - Node.js Package Manager


In this course the author will explain you what is NPM and how it is used. You will learn how to initialize new project, how to install new dependencies and explore their child dependencies. We will also discuss what is Semantic Versioning and what Major, Minor and Patch versions mean. You will also understand what is the purpose of the package-lock.json file.

You will understand what is executable script and what is the purpose of the .bin folder in the node_modules folder. He will explain to you what is shebang line and how it is used on the Unix-based system and on Windows. Happy learning!

What will you learn:


Bogdan Stashchuk

Bogdan Stashchuk - Full-stack web developer, MBA, PhD

An experienced instructor with a great, practical background, he teaches complex stuff in an easy step-by-step manner. All of his courses include practical exercises that allow you to follow him from the start of any course until the end.

(This was filed under #ideas:rfcs which was clearly inappropriate. It is an advertisement, but is at least about npm! Moved to #community:events for now.)