Using Visual Studio Code? npm Dependency Links extension is for you!


(Frédéric Harper) #1

I don’t want to start an IDE fight here, but I’ve been using Visual Studio Code as my main editor for a while now. I really like what Microsoft has done, and the extension list is amazing. Some of them are npm related, so I wanted to share with one the gem I found once in a while, starting with the npm Dependency Links one. On top of that, it’s open source

Lazy me love it as I can open the npm dependency webpage directly in my default browser when clicking on its name within my package.json file. Anything that makes me save time is worth it…

Are you using this extension? What are your must-have extensions for vscode?

(Cam Stevenson) #2

Great extension.

One of my must-haves is

(Frédéric Harper) #3

Nice, it made me think of Package Phobia.