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using `export`ed NPM_TOKEN syntax incorrect

Not sure if this is due to bash or zbash differences, but on the, the syntax for


is incorrect.

I had to use


lack of wrapping curly braces. again, i’m not sure if this is bash vs zbash difference or not though as I am running a zbash shell.

Yeah, curly braces work on bash, but I don’t know about zbash (if by zbash, you mean What happens when you use the syntax from the doc?

sorry, i referenced the wrong shell - i meant zshell -

I’m not familiar with the code within npm that parses the .npmrc file and resolves the -references, but I'd be very surprised if it uses a shell of any kind. Instead I assume that npm parses and resolves the variable references entirely in-process using JavaScript. For what it's worth `{NPM_TOKEN}` works fine for me using npm@6.4.1.