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Use of Fullname instead the username on

How about change the showed name from username to fullname (when this is fulfilled)?

Some place that would be outstanding this:
-user picture title (on recent | home page) like on a normal topic user image (
-On the topic-meta-data > card > name of all the topics.
and so on.

Alright, lets’ try this out. How’s this look? As far as I can tell, I can’t disable display of usernames in posts like you ask, but I can make full names visible.

Pretty nice. on posts is closed topic.
Renaming on Home Recent User Picture alt/title.
See images:

There’s not much I can do about this one. I don’t maintain Discourse :slight_smile: You can probably go to (or ping @discourse, maybe?) but I think going to their own boards is the way to go.