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"Upgrading to the latest version of npm: `npm install [email protected] -g`"

Hi Ed – do you have a question or feedback about this article?

Hi Nikki,
Sorry, I thought I’d written a description!

I believe part of the command in the title was originally something like npm@latest, but it’s been replaced by [email protected] (by some automatic script?)
I would guess if this is the case, there might be other places where the same problem occurs.

Thanks for all the great work!

Hi Ed, thanks for following up! My name is Kiera, and I’m a new member of our documentation team. It looks like this has been resolved by the launch of the new docs site, but let feel free to follow up if not. :slight_smile:

Not about this, but about the new docs site, there seem to be some problems in the CLI docs section:

Hey Lars,

Thanks for the heads up! We’re aware of that issue as well, and we’re working on a fix. It was a bug when we updated the docs site. I’m afraid I don’t have an ETA for when that will be resolved.