Unhandled rejection Error: EPERM: operation not permitted cb() never called! (Windows)

Platform info…!

npm: β€˜6.4.1’,
ares: β€˜1.10.1-DEV’,
cldr: β€˜32.0’,
http_parser: β€˜2.8.0’,
icu: β€˜60.1’,
modules: β€˜57’,
napi: β€˜3’,
nghttp2: β€˜1.32.0’,
node: β€˜8.12.0’,
openssl: β€˜1.0.2p’,
tz: β€˜2017c’,
unicode: β€˜10.0’,
uv: β€˜1.19.2’,
v8: β€˜6.2.414.66’,
zlib: β€˜1.2.11’

Do you have write access to that folder?

(I added Windows to the title as we have been having lots of similar sounding Mac/Linux errors, so hopefully get some suggestion from people more familiar with issues on Windows.)

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