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Unable to npm install globally

Hello everyone,

I’m an extreme noobie attending my second week at a coding bootcamp and I’m trying to figure out why I can’t globally install modules. The bootcamp had me install something called “N” but I already had “nvm” on my system and now I am unable to install modules globally.

Here are a few screenshots of my problem.

Trying to install live-server globally

It looks like there is a new directory where my global installations are being placed but it’s not being used to run them.

In the screenshot above I’ve installed an updated version of npm, but below you can see when I check the version installed my system is listing the old version which is still being used.

Here is my current $PATH

~Thank you my issue is solved

Hi @missivylady!

This is jumping to the likely answer from your screenshots. Ask questions or give us more info about your bootcamp setup if you want to know more.

Your PATH starts with /Users/missivylady/node/lib/node_modules
but I think it should start with /Users/missivylady/node/bin

Do you have N_PREFIX defined to /Users/missivylady/node? The suggestion for your shell startup file from the n README is:

export PATH=$N_PREFIX/bin:$PATH