Unable to install newly published package version


(Brent Vatne) #1

I published react-navigation-tabs@0.8.4 and went to install it and was unable to with either yarn or npm (6.4.1). I confirmed on the package page that it was published successfully. It has now been about 20 minutes since I published 0.8.4, and about 30 since I published 0.8.3, neither of them are available.

(Lars Willighagen) #2

The version seems to be available when I look it up in the registry by hand, but it seems pacote keeps fetching from cache:

7 http fetch GET 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/react-navigation-tabs 14ms (from cache)
8 silly registry:manifest no matching version for react-navigation-tabs@0.8.4 in the cache. Forcing revalidation
9 http fetch GET 304 https://registry.npmjs.org/react-navigation-tabs 104ms (from cache)
10 silly fetchPackageMetaData error for react-navigation-tabs@0.8.4 No matching version found for react-navigation-tabs@0.8.4

Not sure what’s happening there exactly, but while testing it started working already.

(Brent Vatne) #3

Thanks for the response @larsgw! It’s still not working on my end.

(Lars Willighagen) #4

That’s weird :confused:. Probably just some caching, but still… weird. And annoying. If you visit the registry entry in the browser do you see 0.8.4 already? Because I did, before the CLI started working on my end.

(Brent Vatne) #5

strange, I’m still seeing 0.8.2 as the latest in the browser

(Brent Vatne) #6

I also tried it from my phone and see 0.8.2 there as well. A colleague in another country entirely sees 0.8.2 too.

(Lars Willighagen) #7

When I view it with a VPN (Canada) I do see 0.8.2, so it seems like a regional caching thing. However, I’m not on the npm team so this is out of my control.

(Brent Vatne) #8

it seems to have resolved itself now

(Kat Marchán) #9

This is due to a temporary caching issue on the registry side. It has since been resolved and the original cause is being investigated more thoroughly.

(Aymeric) #10

Hi. It looks like the problem is back… I’ve just published v2.1.3 of a package, it appears on the website and with npm view, but it’s impossible to install. Same issue as @brentvatne

(Christopher) #11

I can also confirm the issue is back.