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Totally newbie....

Hi to all, it’s first time for me with npm and I am totally newbie about it…

I need to create a webpage to view in realtime seismic data on local webserver.
Here an example:

It has been made with npm.
My first question is: can I do the same on a Raspberry Pi with no internet connection?

Hi! That is a pretty big question, and I am not sure how much of it is about npm. I’ll try offering some general info in case you don’t get any specific replies.

npm is a package manager for javascript code, and is written itself in javascript.

node is a stand-alone runtime for java code, and is used to run npm.

You can install node on a Raspberry Pi:

A tip for next time is to summarise the main point of your issue in the title. People decide whether to read the topic from the title, based on whether they have answers or similar questions. Coming up with a suitable title is harder to do when you are a newbie of course!