Tomcat still the way to go?

(Vindieselwalker) #1

My java dev used to be pretty much 100% web based, so I’m very familiar with j2ee components such as servlets, jsp, ejb etc. - or, at least, I was. It’s been around 10 years since I did web stuff and I’m way out of practice. FetLife
That said, I’m seriously thinking of trying a small project using some secrets and jsp and was wondering which servlet container is considered best these days?

I used to use Tomcat all the time and was extremely comfortable with it, so, if it hasn’t changed all that much, that might be a reason to stick to it. I’m interested to hear, though, if there are any options that have gained a following in the last decade?


(Lars Willighagen) #2

I think you may be on the wrong forum, this is about npm (and JavaScript), not Java.

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What physical java manual do you recommend using?