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tink: State of the Unwinder [2019/01/15]

Happy new year, everyone!

It’s been a while since the last State of the Unwinder, but there’s a few goodies to report. Hope y’all had a nice holiday break, for those who have a big block of holiday time around December like I do. :santa:

ES Modules, Typescript, and WASM support!

That’s fight folks! Thanks to @jdalton, and his esm package, we now have full support for ES modules (as in, built-in import/export syntax), as well as .wasm import support! This goes on top of the previously-added support for Typescript and JSX, and they all interoperate smoothly!

I ran a poll back in December, and the results were pretty decisive: This is the #1 thing y’all care about. So here you have it! It actually works now and all that.

Install script support

That’s right! tink will now execute install scripts for regular dependencies as well as native dependencies! It already works with node-sass and fsevents, two very popular native-build packages.

Production mode

As a nice bonus, tink sh now has a --production mode where, if the flag is used, all the various package management features are disabled. That means tink will expect a warm cache, and will error if any files are missing.

Next Steps

As always, keep an eye out for #help-wanted posts in the dev forum if you want to help! I’ll be putting more things out there if you’re interested in contributing to the most awesome package manager of 2019~ :wink:

Thank you for the update and all your work on this!! I’m excited for tink and would love to contribute again somehow soon