tink: Implement `tink build`


(Kat Marchán) #1

As part of implementing tink check, it would be good to have a tink build command that looks for a build run-script and executes it, if present. This would involve invoking libnpm.runScript on the current prefix. No default script is needed or desired.

To implement this yourself, just reply here in order to claim it!

(Beni Von Cheni) #2

I’m happy to try to implement “tink build”. Can I claim the task?

(Beni Von Cheni) #3

Good evening, @zkat. Just couldn’t stop the “tink fun”! :rofl:

Tonight’s stunt was PR #29 for tink build. The implementation seems stable for review. Will add the unit tests tomorrow. :v:t2:

(Beni Von Cheni) #4

Hi @zkat. Friendly FYI the branch of the build PR has been rebased with latest, after the recent merge of other PRs. This PR should be in good shape for final review. Thank you!