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tink: Implement license checker

I’ve documented a still-non-existent command, tink check-licenses, which is meant to give users more visibility and control over the licenses of its various dependencies.

I would love some help implementing this!

I expect this to be a pretty open ended project, so you’d get a lot of leeway to implement it. One note is that I would prefer basing it’s implementation on licensee's under the hood, since the author happens to be npm Inc’s own lawyer so I have a lot of faith in its correctness (plus having good access to the author is helpful). Other than that, I’d love to see what people come up with.

If you’re interested in claiming this, please reply below! I’ll be fully available for any questions you have! Let’s make sure people have all the support they need to comply with open source licensing! :muscle:t3:

I’d like to pick this up, as mentioned on twitter I have a reasonably full load for the next 2 weeks but then some room. I’ll do some planning and ask some questions in the next few days :slight_smile:

Hi Kat!

Ok I’ve spent a little time today looking over the documentation of the command, contributing to the project and the licensee package to model on.

I’m 100% on the problem space so I’ll get down to building the component during my holiday next week.

I’ll come back if there are any questions but I think I’m good to carry on!


Very nice, thanks!

That said, please enjoy your holiday, and keep in mind that we have a 2-5hr/wk limit on contributions (on an honor system with appropriate flexibility). I’d be sad if your holiday became just doing my job for me like that! I get paid to do this!