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tink: Helping out with development

So you’re interested in helping out with #tink? Great! Simply search for topics in #development tagged with #tink and #help-wanted. As I find tasks that can be left to the community to implement or improve, I’ll add posts requesting contributions. If you’re interested, simply reply with any questions so others know that you’ve picked up the task yourself! If you’re not feeling super confident and want an easier intro task, you can also add #good-first-patch to your search, or just keep an eye out for them on the list.

Make sure to subscribe to the #tink tag in this category so you see new things as they roll in.

And most important of all: thanks for your interest in helping out! By contributing to tink, you’ll be right in the middle of a revolution in package management, and you’ll be able to say you helped millions of JavaScript (and more) developers become more productive than they’ve ever been!

One last note: I’m serious when I say I’m asking for no more than 2-5 hours a week. Please do not spend more than this amount of time unless your employer is paying for your time doing this. The CLI & Community team loves contributors but we’re not comfortable coaxing our community into giving away incredibly valuable labor. We trust you to agree and follow these guidelines so we won’t be checking, but that’s what our expectations are! We’ll have guidelines like these written up more concretely at some point, but I wanted to give you a heads up now.

@zkat I’m having some trouble sifting through the #help-wanted issues to determine what is still open and what work has been completed. Is there a way you can close issues or mark them as completed? Thanks!