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The limit for the number of links for new users should not count

I tried to report a bug on I spent like 20 minutes trying to workaround the limitation of the number of links that the new user is allowed to enter.

Why as a “new” user I am limited from posting links to packages on npmjs? The spam filter should white list at least domains owned or related to npm.


Should this ticket be moved to meta though since it’s about this website?

Moved to #meta, where discussions like this belong.

Let’s give this a whirl. I’ll remove it if people start abusing this too.

Hey, I just signed up today, and I noticed that because forcibly redirects to, I think it’s still counting copied links - this whitelist seems to not count subdomains!

Well that’s obnoxious. Maybe * works :thinking:

Done. Can one of y’all give it another whirl?

Apparently I got to trust level 1 thanks to that post :sweat_smile: so I don’t think I can even test it anymore?

Frankly, fixing this is also fairly low-priority for me because I consider TL1 to be a really really low bar to meet. I explicitly want to encourage folks participating in to actually participate, not just shoot from the hip.

That’s totally understandable, but I think being able to post links to npm as a new user is going to be important given this is now the place to report npm issues! Having an issue to report doesn’t really require participating in this forum, so the two concerns seem like they’re competing to some extent.

Does Discourse not provide a way of testing the filter directly with a particular trust level?

Some minor questions and observations:

Frankly, I just really don’t want users spamming a bunch of links to begin with. I’ve bumped the new user link limit to 5.

If you can’t get a point across with fewer than 5 links before you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on, I’m pretty comfortable just telling you to ease up on the linking.

Thanks, definitely sounds reasonable to me.