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Swagger to postman generator issue with body and path as part of request body together

Hi Team,

While working on Swagger 2.0, I am trying to send parameters in body as well as Path in a single post request. it is reflecting path parameter correctly but body parameters are missing…

Below is example of my Yaml file:

operationId: TestMe
- application/json
- application/json
- name: GroupID
in: path
description: Unique identifier of the group.
required: true
type: integer
format: int32
- name: myExtId
in: path
description: Unique identifier of my extension.
required: true
type: string
- name: Model
in: body
description: This is for test.
type: string
required: true

NOTE: I’ve tried making all the parameter values as not-required by making required: false in every parameter but it didn’t work.

I am suspecting swagger 2.0 doesn’t allow us to send Body and Path parameters together. If my understanding is correct, is there any workaround we’ve ?

Below are more details:


I am using visual studio code and node js terminal to generate postman collection using swagger2-postman-generator node package. while I am running the same yaml it is not showing the body parameters in postman rather displaying a message provided for body parameter. Here are the snapshot of my code:

By running the command I can see the json file generated successfully but when I opened it in postman, it is not showing any parameters in body and just showing the description, as this snapshot…