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Support global 'node_modules'

Hello,I would like to have a global repo like ‘maven’ that we can download the dependencies to the global repo with ‘package.json’.
To save time on downloading the dependeces.
Take up less memory.

Not sure what exactly the use-case would be here, but I suggest reading up Node’s documentation on the topic of global folders as that might be a helpful start:

But I want to download the dependencies to the global repo with package.json that we can share rope with team members.And how can I distinguish version of dependencies?

I am not sure what you are asking.
Are you interested in a local caching npm repository for your team?
Or shared packages across packages on your local computer?

We’ll download dependencies into APP/node_modules when npm install executed.
I have many apps, so there are many APP/node_modules in my PC.
I am asking a GLOBAL/node_modules to instead of many APP/node_modules,and I can npm install dependencies into the GLOBAL/node_modules.

  1. A future direction for the npm tool is automatically install only one copy of each version of a package for your computer. (I think I heard in a conference talk this is intended for npm 8.)

You can read about it a little here from an announcement last year, the working name for the program is “tink”:

And there are also posts about tink in #development in this forum, and zcat talked about it at a recent jsconf conference.

  1. I don’t think there is direct support in npm for this, but there are other package managers with different feature sets, such as: