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Suggest that `npm publish` also update the cache

Can npm publish also add the package to the local cache? That way that subsequent npm update commands on the same machine will find the newly published package.

As a new user I expected after publishing a new version of package C that running npm update on another package A that indirectly depends on C via B would update C but npm actually didn’t update C. I know now that’s because after 2.6.1 indirect dependencies can be satisfied from the cache. So if a satisfactory version of C is found in the cache then the new server version won’t be found. And in my case, A had been updated before publishing a new version of C so the old cached version of C was used to satisfy the dependency instead of the newly published version.

I’m guessing this is to reduce the load on the npm servers. That’s great but during development wouldn’t it be nice if packages published locally could be updated in other local projects without specifying ---depth 9999?