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Standardize a `changes` log property for pointing to, HISTORY, etc.

Having a standard property in package.json for pointing to a project’s CHANGES/HISTORY file (probably most logically within directories) would assist the website and command line tools to be able to link to or pull up recent changes, respectively, e.g., after running the likes of npm-check-updates to see dependencies available for updating–noting changes, before applying any updates.

Yes, fits in with the “one day” plans for directories. :-)

I notice there is already some support for including such files in package with convention rather than configuration:

Certain files are always included, regardless of settings:


README , CHANGES , LICENSE & NOTICE can have any case and extension.

Yes, I was thinking it would be nice to check some convention and check the existence of those derivatives of CHANGES as fallback (or perhaps false to hide the CHANGES). It might even allow pointing to a JS-based changes script, with optional version argument passed in, but if there is no JS extension or designated type, perhaps parsing the CHANGES file as Markdown and displaying the relevant queried version or version range, or, for HTML rendering, bringing it to the anchor.