Sorting by popularity is not working

(Hani Boustani) #1

When I search for ‚Äúsimilarity‚ÄĚ and select sorting by popularity =>

How come the package ‚Äúsimilarity‚ÄĚ appears on top when it has only 2.024 weekly downloads and the package ‚Äústring-similarity‚ÄĚ appears somewhere below when it has much more (108.537) weekly downloads ??

weekly downloads: 108.537

weekly downloads: 2.024

This is a bug for me.

(Lars Willighagen) #2

As per the post linked above, it is expected behaviour for packages matching the query exactly to appear as the first result, regardless of the sorting order. Whether this is the right behaviour is another discussion, and you can find part of it in the replies to the post linked above.

You can search for keywords:similarity and sort that by popularity in the meantime, although that might return less results.

(Hani Boustani) #3

Thank you for the clarifications.

(system) #4

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