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Some small-ish bugs I've noticed with the npm top navbar

First of all, the sticky header (class .d-header) doesn’t seem to be aware of the top navbar (class .top-navbar), so it scrolls up 32px more than it should before switching to fixed positioning.

Secondly, when switching from light to dark mode in interface settings and saving, it seems to lose its styling temporarily, as shown here:

I’m not sure whether these issues are ones that can be dealt with at the moment, they may require customizations to Discourse.

[Update: @zkat informed me that this is a WIP and will change, I’m keeping this up for further discussion though]

Note: These bugs were reported with a hacked-in navbar that I was experimenting with before the site went live. It’s likely we’ll never add it back in, and if we do, we’ll actually put more time/effort into this bit than my hour of pushing pixels around ad-hoc.