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Some errors that i dont understand

i m try to setup a Aeternity blockchain enviroment to program a dapp with sophia lenguage but appeared the errors in the picture when i use npm link.

I work in windows 10.

Any answer? whats the problem? i must install other software?

Estoy intentando instalar un entorno blockchain de Aeternity para programa una dapp con Shopia pero me aparecen los siguientes errores cuando ejecuto el comando npm link.

Trabajo en windows 10.

Alguna idea de porque me ocurre. Acaso necesito instalar algo más.

Hi Rick!

sudo is a command that is only used on Linux and Mac. There is no sudo command on Windows.

Just run your command without the sudo on the front like:

npm link

sudo es un comando que solo se usa en Linux y Mac. No hay un comando sudo en Windows.

Simplemente ejecute su comando sin el sudo en el frente como:

npm link

I have download a sudo exe for windows but a lot of npm errors continue. I think that the problem is with the folder and files permission. I have only read but when change all the permission to total control for the main folder, subfolder and files enclose windows make all the changes but dont work and when you see the properties again in the main folder the are a tick again in the read only option.

I have installa git in windows 10 and reinstall npm and node. I have clone again the project from cmd with the order clone and all ok. When try with npm link a lot of errors, i will send you the screenshot. Help please. Do i need to install other software?

Yes, argon2 has some dependencies:

And in this recent thread people are having trouble with python being required for certain combination of node and argon2: