Search for word "security" on npm website returns error "Hostname/IP doesn't match certificate's altnames"


(Viktor Turskyi) #1

What I Wanted to Do

Search for a word “security” to find security-related modules

Here is URL -

What Happened Instead

I got error
" Hostname/IP doesn’t match certificate’s altnames: “Host: is not in the cert’s altnames:,”"

Reproduction Steps

  1. You should be not logged into NPM (you can use Chrome incognito mode)
  2. Type “security” into search field or just use this url

(Hazmi35) #2

I have the same issue here

(Shift001) #3

I am also getting the same issue and when checking the certificates with an external tool get the following error…

(Ely De La Cruz) #4

I’m also getting this error as of about 6:30am this morning (Sept. 1st). Except I was trying to publish something (had published it successfully about 30-40 min. before). Error:

npm notice
npm ERR! publish Failed PUT undefined
npm ERR! Hostname/IP does not match certificate's altnames: Host: is not in the cert's altnames:,

(Shift001) #5

See this post, Unable to install anything with NPM (or apm)

(system) #6

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