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Saving failed requests to try again later??

I am new and apologies if this is the wrong category.

I have been working on a simple electron-vue desktop app that can send requests to a google sheet to make entries in it. I have had pretty good success in creating a basic forum and when hitting send for it to make the api call and then have that entry show up in google sheets.

I however am having trouble when the request fails for some reason (no internet for instance). Is there an npm that can handle the scenario to save the data locally (encrypted if possible) as long as there is failure and then retry all the requests asynchronously .

There is a need to save it locally since the user can close the app between sessions and that data needs to saved somewhere and retried.

Hi @praveen2710,

This forum is primarily about npm rather than about npm packages, so you may get limited answers here. I moved your topic to #community:find-a-package

I suggest you change the title to match your question as some people will decide whether to read the topic just based on the title. Maybe “Saving failed requests to try again later”?

Good luck.

thank you for the suggestion and moving this to appropriate place.