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Request: move bugs back to

My report over at version script is not failing when preversion script fails. so far has no replies. Seems like NPM devs aren’t paying attention to this forum as closely as they were the GitHub issue tracker.

Maybe bugs should be moved back to GitHub issues.

Or, maybe because Discourse doesn’t have a tagging system and other features like GitHub does, it isn’t apparent that any action has been taken on that issue. For example on GitHub there the issue thread shows when an owner has added labels, etc.

Separating bugs to GitHub and leaving for support and other community stuff might make things easier to manage?

I actually look at this forum every day. We won’t be moving bugs back to GitHub because they were unmanageable.

I missed your specific bug in my triage, and it’s been triaged now. We’ll address it when we can. I’ve also marked it as a good first bug for folks.

Same here, my topic is completely ignored:

Your topic was triaged, not completely ignored. Since it mentioned the PR you have already opened on GitHub, waiting for a review, there isn’t much else that can be done here AFAIK. Whether or not the additional (second) issue report is posted on here instead of on the main GitHub repo has little influence on the review process of the PR, which is still on GitHub, I think.