Release: npm@6.9.0


(Kat Marchán) #1

A new version has been released! Nicest release ever!

You can install it with npm i -g npm@latest or try it out with $ npx npm@latest ... !

latest: 6.9.0
next: 6.9.0

This release includes EXCITING NEW FEATURES, such as time traveling installs and dependency aliases!



  • cf09fbaed #153 Set modified to undefined in npm view when time is not available. This fixes a bug where npm view would crash on certain third-party registries. (@simonua)
  • 774fc26ee #154 Print out tar version in only when the flag is supported not all the tar implementations support --version flag. This allows the install script to work in OpenBSD, for example. (@agudulin)
  • 863baff11 #158 Fix typo in error message for npm stars. (@phihag)
  • a805a95ad Strip version info from pkg on E404. This improves the error messaging format. (@larsgw)