Release: npm@6.7.0


(Kat Marchán) #1

A new version has been released!

You can install it with npm i -g npm@latest or try it out with $ npx npm@latest ... !

latest: 6.7.0
next: 6.7.0

This is a quick hotfix release that includes some important fixes to npm@6.6.0 related to the large rewrite/refactor. We’re tagging it as a feature release because the changes involve some minor new features, and semver is semver, but there’s nothing major here.


  • 50463f58b Improve usage errors to npm org commands and add optional filtering to npm org ls subcommand. (@zkat)


  • 4027070b0 Fix default usage printout for npm org so you actually see how it’s supposed to be used. (@zkat)
  • cfea6ea5b fix default usage message for npm hook (@zkat)



  • 8543fc357 pacote@9.4.0: Fall back to “fullfat” packuments on ETARGET errors. This will make it so that, when a package is published but the corgi follower hasn’t caught up, users can still install a freshly-published package. (@zkat)
  • 75475043b libnpmpublish@1.1.1: Fixes auth error for username/password legacy authentication. (@sreeramjayan)
  • 0af8c00ac libcipm@3.0.3: Fixes issue with “cannot run in wd” errors for run-scripts. (@zkat)
  • 5a7962e46 write-file-atomic@2.4.2: Fixes issues with leaking signal-exit instances and file descriptors. (@iarna)