Release: npm@6.6.0


(Audrey Eschright) #1

It’s final! npm@6.6.0 is here!

You can install it with npm i -g npm@latest or try it out with $ npx npm@latest ... !

As per our process, the prerelease cycle for 6.6.0 is now over and npm@6.6.0 is our new star. :star2:

latest: 6.6.0
next: 6.6.0


Today is an auspicious day! This release marks the end of a massive internal refactor to npm that means we finally got rid of the legacy npm-registry-client in favor of the shiny, new, window.fetch -like npm-registry-fetch .

Now, the installer had already done most of this work with the release of npm@5 , but it turns out every other command still used the legacy client. This release updates all of those commands to use the new client, and while we’re at it, adds a few extra goodies:

  • All OTP-requiring commands will now prompt . --otp is no longer required for dist-tag , access , et al.
  • We’re starting to integrate a new config system which will eventually get extracted into a standalone package.
  • We now use libnpm for the API functionality of a lot of our commands! That means you can install a library if you want to write your own tooling around them.
  • There’s now an npm org command for managing users in your org.
  • pacote now consumes npm-style configurations, instead of its own naming for various config vars. This will make it easier to load npm configs using libnpm.config and hand them directly to pacote .

There’s too many commits to list all of them here, so check out the PR if you’re curious about details: