Release: 6.11.2

A new npm version has been released!

To get it, run npm i -g npm@latest

6.11.2 (2019-08-22):

Fix a recent Windows regression, and two long-standing Windows bugs. Also, get CI running on Windows, so these things are less likely in the future.


  • 9778a1b87 cmd-shim@3.0.3: Fix regression where shims fail to preserve exit code (@isaacs)
  • bf93e91d8 npm-package-arg@6.1.1: Properly handle git+file: urls on Windows when a drive letter is included. (@isaacs)


  • 6cc4cc66f escape args properly on Windows Bash. Despite being bash, Node.js running on windows git mingw bash still executes child processes using cmd.exe. As a result, arguments in this environment need to be escaped in the style of cmd.exe, not bash. (@isaacs)


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Please also be aware that the “Windows Fixes” in 6.11.1 broke the macOS and *nix platforms.

See 6.11.1: Some dependencies are no longer being installed

@isaacs Any idea on what a fix for 6.11.3 would look like and/or when could we expect that to ship?

Should be fixed in this Tuesday’s release.