Ratified RFCs of the week

(Frédéric Harper) #1

Part of how people can contribute to npm is by submitting public change requests for the npm CLI and associated tooling , called RFC (Request For Comments).

This week, we ratified two RFCs:

  • No Caret Ranges for Prerelease Installs: changes the install command default behaviour to pin the package version, but only for a package that is tagged with a version that is a prerelease (and not add the caret range, ^).
  • Implement a package override option: add a section to package.json that allows the user to designate packages as an ‘override’ or replacement at a particular version.

Thanks to Henry Zhu and our very own @audrey for those. Note that @audrey is working on the package override one, but that the caret range is open for implementation!

Fred aka Fred