Provide optional pnpm style dependency structure(non-flat with links)

(Ravshan Samandarov) #1

Flat dependency structure is awesome, but sometimes it may be preferred to have pnpm style dependency structure to take advantage of.

(Zoltan Kochan) #2

What are the pros of having this option? You may just use pnpm if you need this structure.

Don’t get me wrong, for pnpm it would be a win if npm switched back to nested node_modules. However, if this will be just an option, it will be no value to pnpm and more things to support for the npm team

(Ravshan Samandarov) #3

At least it would be possible to combine resources of both community into one.

(Kat Marchán) #4

We already share a ton of resources. pnpm largely defers to npm for much of its functionality, and the incompatibilities introduced by doing things the way pnpm does, and the different invariants, have made us conclude so far that they’re better off as separate package managers.

Personally, I’m happy pnpm is there and encourage folks who prefer its installation style to use pnpm itself. It’s a great pm with different trade-offs and a great community. Also, I believe npx itself makes using pnpm easy as pie, since you can add it as a devDep to your project and use it that way so you don’t need to migrate your dev team to it!

(Ravshan Samandarov) #5

Yeah, the idea about using npx and pnpm in combination is great, never thought about it. Thanks.

(Kat Marchán) #6

npx is a way for us to say “we don’t need to add that to npm proper, because npx is about as verbose as a subcommand would be, and gives a lot more freedom to our users” :slight_smile: