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Possible guidelines to build a Network Biosphere as a npm developer

Open to discussion

Hi @ArtEu, I may be the only one, but I’m not sure what you are asking exactly, can you clarify for me please?

A way ( a guide ), for developer in countries like Venezuela or where got economical issues, to develop, grow and maintain a personal branding as a tech-savvy/developer.

Oh, you knock at the right door. I published a book about personal branding for developer. I would check with my editor if I can send free copies now.

I have this talk, which should be updated and it’s more of a high level why/how, than direct examples as it was an introduction to the concept.

I’m looking for other ways to help developers with personal branding. Any specific ideas? I thought about creating a Slack community around this concept…

Well this is something i’ve been doing for my last 7 months, but deeply in last 4. I really appreciate it.

Slack would be awesome, but for people who got a decent internet connection. We can try, meanwhile i’ll try to help people with interest in the realm of digital world, (Designers, Developers, Product Managers, IT, Writers, Musicians… etc).

Keep up the good work man.

Thanks! What would be a good alternative to people without a good internet connection?

First hardware, then areas with internet access, ( I know how expensive it can be, but with a small investment; Well i’m proof of what someone can archive with basic tools ).

Once that, someone who speak often with such communities to provide a possible solution for problems they are facing and after that, Slack Channels.

Otherwise, they’ll remain in the colonial age.