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picky has filter option but i am not able to clear that filter text

Picky filter issue.
Current behavior:

  1. open list and enter country name to in filter input(textbox). ex: Aus
  2. It is showing filtered country list based on Aus.
  3. I have selected country and moved to other field. So country list got closed.
  4. If i open the list again It is showing filter input as “Aus” and country list also filtered list.
  5. Once i close and reopen the list. It should clear the filter input and should show the full country list.

Can someone please help me on this. May be i missed something.

Are you perhaps referring to the picky organization or picky package?

This forum is about npm itself rather than individual npm packages, so you are more likely to get answers by asking in the context of the package where its authors and users hang out, like its issues page on github.

(If your question is about npm or this forum then please explain a little more, as I didn’t understand where the filter you are referring to occurs.)