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Phantom package if it does not belong to any team

What I Wanted to Do

We expected to be able to see all packages that belong to the organization if we are an admin or owner.

What Happened Instead

We had a bad state where a package had been published and then removed from the developer team inadvertently. this made it invisible to all users, including admins and owners. we could not publish a new version because it was not part of anyone’s team but we couldn’t easily diagnose the issue because nobody could see it in their list of packages. It also didn’t show up in the auto-complete for adding a package to a team, so we had to just know the exact name and have faith that typing the exact name and adding it to the developer team would work despite it not showing up in the list of options.

Reproduction Steps

  1. publish a new package scoped to your organization
  2. remove it from the developer team.
  3. see that you can no longer see it in any list of packages and that it doesn’t show up in the list of available packages to add to a team.
  4. try to publish a new version of that package and see that you get a 404 saying that package doesn’t exist… "I know… I’m trying to create it! :confused: "


This also exposes another issue that a 404 is not very helpful in showing what the real problem is. Perhaps showing a more helpful message when your are indeed part of the organization but the package is not in any of your teams would be helpful here as well.

Platform Info

$ npm --versions
$ node -p process.platform