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pageres throws Error: Chromium revision is not downloaded.

This morning I used pageres (I have both pageres and pageres-cli installed), and it told me a newer version was available. I updated it and get this error: Error: Chromium revision is not downloaded. Run "npm install" or "yarn install" at Launcher.launch (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/pageres-cli/node_modules/puppeteer/lib/Launcher.js:119:15)

Nothing I do will fix this. Puppeteer and chromium are installed. Why won’t pageres find it?

I’ve updated node and npm to the latest versions (v11.10.1 and 6.9.0 respectivly). I’m using macOS High Sierra v10.13.6

When I run a npm audit, I get found 8 vulnerabilities (4 low, 2 moderate, 2 critical) 8 vulnerabilities require manual review. They all involve pageres and pageres-cli

How do I fix this? What do I do?