Package successfully publishes, but npmjs package page does not reflect the latest version

(Ian Fabs) #1

I published a package, called jraph. I recently bumbed the current version from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0. When I checked my packages page, the new version was not reflected there. However, manually navigating to displayed the correct version. So I tested it again, by making to version patches, which were both successful. Checking the default page ( did not reflect these versions. Again though, I was able to retrieve a page with the correct version by navigating to ( I decided to check the npm registry api by querying ( in my browser, which yielded the latest version in its results. I decided to test this more myself, I created a new folder and ran the following:

~$ npm init -y
~$ npm i jraph

the resulting version installed was - as the CLI put it

+ jraph@1.3.2

So I created a new project on codesandbox using the node template, and searched for my package as a dependency. The result for the latest version was 1.2.2, which was odd. You can view that here:

Upon searching it on bundlephobia I got the following display


Again, version 1.2.2.

I guess my question then is, why is this happening, and can I fix it???

(Matthieu Foucault) #2

Takes a bit to update sometimes, that is all. I am seeing 1.3.2 here

(system) #3

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